PIKES Make History

Brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha have been making history since the mid-19th century. There are, of course, the prominent leaders of the Fraternity itself, such as the Founders at the University of Virginia in 1868 and the Junior Founders at the Hampden-Sydney Convention in 1889. But also making history are the Pikes who have become prominent leaders in their professional fields: from professional athletes and musicians to politicians and businessmen. This section explores both types of leaders. Click on any profile to learn more about that Pike and to see archival material related to him.

Chapters & Members

More than 300 collegiate chapters of Pi Kappa Alpha have been chartered across the United States and Canada, and over 300,000 men have become members since the Fraternity’s founding in 1868. Explore the archival material related to individual chapters or search for a specific person using the options below.



PIKES in Service

Service banners first came into use during World War I. Banners with blue stars for each family member serving in the military were displayed by immediate family members. If that service member was killed during a time of active war, the star would be changed from blue to gold. The practice of honoring a Gold Star hero endures to this day.