Pi Kappa Alpha was founded in Room 47 West Range at the University of Virginia on March 1, 1868. In the ensuing 150 years, Pi Kappa Alpha has developed into an international brotherhood and become one of the largest fraternal organizations in the world. Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, success, and high moral character, and to fostering a true lifelong fraternal experience.

Since its founding in 1948, the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation has worked to preserve, protect, and share the history of the Fraternity. The Fraternity archives, the Freeman H. Hart Memorial Museum, and the Harvey T. Newell Memorial Library, located at the Memorial Headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee maintain and preserve the physical artifacts of Pi Kappa Alpha history. The Digital Archive was created in an effort to modernize the Pi Kappa Alpha archive by digitizing portions of the collections and making them accessible online. Through this project, documents, images, reports, and programs currently stored at the Pi Kappa Alpha Memorial Headquarters are being digitized and made searchable online through a cutting-edge digital history software. The materials currently available on the Digital Archive are just a sample of those stored in the archive and the amount of material available digitally will grow over time as this project continues. Revisit the site to see what new items have been added and explore new facets of Pi Kappa Alpha history.